Isabella French Bulldog: All You Need to Know

Undoubtedly, squished features put the French Bulldog at the top of the list of the cutest dog breeds. However, another spot that makes their furry friends is the range of colors in their coats. This is what sets them apart from within the breed. But what is it that sets Isabella Frenchies apart?

Isabella is considered rare amongst Frenchies, as she is associated with the collector’s edition, meaning the color of that category. This is not only why Isabella Frenchies are more expensive than common-colored Frenchies but also because they tend to have their social status enhanced. In this case, they are cherished, hopefully. In this manner, I will dig deep into what exactly makes Isabella French Bulldogs unique and address any questions you may have, as they are scarce and not easily seen.

What is an Isabella French Bulldog?

The Isabella French Bulldog stands out as a variant of the standard French Bulldog breed. Such an inter-recessive dilution of these alleles results in a unique coat color of greyish blue.

The Isabella French Bulldog should have a uniquely colored coat. More so, they portray a remarkable diversity in the pigmentation of the eyes, which is light blue and brown. However, how do you distinguish Isabella French Bulldogs away from the colour?

The temperaments are similar: relaxed, outgoing, even-tempered, loving, and playful. A person should not have many difficulties getting an Isabella French Bulldog since they do not have infamous predispositions to any particular behavior. They share all other physical features the others in the Frenchies have, apart from being entirely black. This means they have a flat face with bat ears, a short and compact body, and a short tail. The difference in Isabella French Bulldog indeed lies in their makeup and ancestry. Isabella is a coloration seen within Frenchies, caused by gene dilution for diluting beautiful, even greyish-blue hue.

It is also characteristic that, at birth, even though a coat comes with up to one month old, it comes with a shade of blue. As one month passes, it gradually changes into Isabella’s unique color. A drawing of an Isabella French Bulldog is viewable here.

What Do Isabella French Bulldogs Look Like?

Seeing an Isabella French Bulldog will likely captivate you; they are genuinely stunning creatures.

They have a square-shaped head and flat facial features like the nose, mouth, and eyes, while the area around their mouth is pigmented dark. The nostrils of the nose match the typical dark color of their fur. Even their eyes, nose, and mouth are surrounded by rosy skin. Bat-like ears were among the physical characteristics of the Isabella French Bulldog and played a crucial role in popularizing this breed. Their physique is short and compact, with minimal variation among individual dogs.

In general, their coat length is comparatively short, considering the amount they are not “cuddly” or hairy. However, they still enjoy a good stroke. Breeders of Isabella French Bulldogs usually shed hair; therefore, there is a need for regular grooming to avoid excess shedding. Most animals, and quite a few breeds of dogs, tend to shed naturally. Although snakes can shed whole skins, humans tend to shed minimal amounts of hair and dead skin. The fur color usually changes very slightly in a small amount from puppies to adult life.

What is the Isabella gene?

The gene is responsible for the dilute coat color is called the Isabella gene and is one more dilution gene mutation, also found in some other breeds of dogs.

It is responsible for producing lighter coat coloration in affected dogs. Since the Isabella gene is a recessive one, it, therefore, follows that a dog has to inherit two copies of the gene (one from its mother and one from its father) to display the characteristic. Dogs carrying only one gene for this trait do not show the dilute coat color but still have the potential to pass the trait on to any offspring that they may have.

A French Bulldog of Isabella coat color usually produces a coat of silver-blue color, very often referred to as “gray” or “blue.” This coat color is scarce for French Bulldogs and requires the dog to hold two copies of the Isabella gene to present.

Isabella-coated French Bulldogs are often in high demand due to their unique and attractive appearance. A French Bulldog should not be brought home solely based on its coat color. After all, a dog’s coat color does not predict a dog’s temperament or indicate the dog’s health.

The difference between Isabella and lilac French Bulldogs

A commonly asked question concerns the differences between Isabella and Lilac French Bulldogs. Perhaps one of the most annoying is that even online, there is contradictory information. This is not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Therefore, this has no official recognition and may be a source of ambiguity or different interpretations of the exact meaning. So, in the following article, we will differentiate between lilac and Isabella Frenchies and sketch each of these rare colors on French Bulldogs in excellent detail.

The Lilac French Bulldog is generally a dog that presents an undertone with blue and light and delicate lavender-grey colours. It may have some color from the liver of another dog of another chocolate brown nature. The Isabella French Bulldog is lighter than pastel gray, with a pinkish or fawn undertone.

Cute Isabella French Bulldog

Isabella French Bulldogs: The Good and The Bad

Among the pluses is that the temperament of the Isabella French Bulldog is good. He will take Bingo, our Isabella Fawn Male dog because he always wants to play and runs around the house, so he is excellent around little children.

Another fact is that it is very adaptable. Unlike large breeds, i.e., Alsatians, they do well in small apartment spaces; hence, their space requirements are reduced with size. Even so, they need the same exercise, walking every day, and even the same mental stimulation and playtime as huge dogs, just not as much.

The Isabella French Bulldog has a flat face, which, on the downside, comes with challenges, especially in the hot climatic conditions around the equator, since respiratory problems are common in brachycephalic breeds. This, therefore, becomes a limitation that confines ownership to only those who can provide a conducive environment.

Another con is the fact that they are stubborn-tempered, which, in the same way, makes them hard to train; hence, this may result in minor behavior problems more than any other breed and, as such, may deter some potential breed adopters.

What is the price of Isabella French bulldog?

The price for a French bulldog can be very different since there are many factors to consider when deciding on the value, from family tree to age, appearance, and health.

Most of the time, French bulldogs come at a very high price because, among the breeds available for owning a pet, they are one of the most popular ones. It can range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, depending on the breeder and what quality of a dog one is willing to pay for. Rare variations such as Isabella Frenchies command high premium prices due to challenges in breeding them.

Rare variations, such as Isabella, will come at a premium price since it is tough to breed. Some breeders will charge more for a puppy with certain physical features or a particular pedigree, while others have them at lower prices of lesser quality. Guess this: The highest sale in the world for a French Bulldog was a whopping price of $100,000. This miniature blue Frenchie has hazelnut irises.

Research is very important before one decides to buy the French Bulldog because of the financial implications to be brought about during acquisition and care for it afterwards.

Does the AKC approve an Isabella French bulldog?

This breed is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) under the name “Frenchie.” The AKC is the only recognized pedigree registry of purebred breeds within the United States and is responsible for setting standards for breeding, showing, and promoting purebred dogs. The French Bulldog is a small breed with an affectionate, lively nature.

That is not to say, on the other hand, that this particular name, “Isabella”, forms a part of AKC breed standards for the French Bulldog or is, in any way, the recognized name for any color by the breed standard for this dog.

Isabella French Bulldog: A Grooming Guide

The Isabella French Bulldog has relatively low grooming needs, even among the large English Mastiff breeds—in fact, that is just one of its many pluses! Most people want to have a French Bulldog as a pet because of their low exercise requirement, easy grooming, and excellent family temperament.

If, however, your Isabella French Bulldog demands grooming, here is how to wash and brush your pet.

Gentle Brushing:

Gently brush the Isabella French Bulldog to remove visible dirt. This can also speed up the process and help get most of the dirt off your dog while in the bath. Start brushing from the back of the dog’s neck and gently work your way down the body. Rewarding your dog while you brush will help him link the pleasant things with grooming. You may put more pressure on it, but it should not be damaged. Do not be troubled if places are not cleaned correctly; stains must sometimes be dissolved with warm water.


In your house, you should give your Isabella French Bulldog a mild bath with luke water, not hot water. Consider that there will not be any necessity to immerse the dog in water completely. Put only a little water, perhaps halfway between the dog’s legs and stomach.

Don’t scare your friend. Lower the dog into the basin, and with a smaller container, of course, slowly pour water all over the body, avoiding its eyes and ears as much as possible. Then, continue to wet the body of the dog. Stubborn stains should now be more accessible for removal. Cleanse the dog’s mouth, ears, eyes, and nose using a moist swab.


The final step of the grooming process is to ensure your Isabella French Bulldog is dry. Use a towel and dry thoroughly each part of the dog, including the muzzle, stomach, and legs. If not dry yet, the drying can be finished with a small hairdryer at cool or moderate heat. In the process, continue brushing the dog and giving it some treats so that the dog feels comfortable and enjoys the whole process.

Cute Isabella French Bulldog playing

What Exercises Are Best for an Isabella French Bulldog?

Physical activity is essential for every living creature, and the Isabella French Bulldog is no exception. It cannot take itself off anywhere, to the next door to the gym, whenever it feels like it. As the owner, this lies entirely on your part, and it is your responsibility to get her adequately exercised.

The good thing is that the exercise requirement is relatively minimal for the Isabella French Bulldogs. You can involve them in various activities, including daily walks and playtime with their toys. You can involve them in quite several activities or involve them:

Routine Walks:

What remains simple and the most effective exercise is walking with your Isabella French Bulldog, enabling the use of its strong sense of smell and sight. Whether a stroll in the park or a walk around the neighbourhood, your dog will benefit from the stimulation.

Toys and Balls:

Most dogs appreciate playing with toys, and Isabella French Bulldogs are no exception. Toys like ropes, balls, and Kongs can be a good source of physical and mental exercise for your dog. You can, for instance, play fetch with a ball and treat your dog every time it brings back the ball to you.


Another fun activity that will entertain Isabella French Bulldog is a game called “Catch Me If You Can.” This simple game consists only of running around the backyard while the dog is trying to catch you. Of course, one should take breaks to praise the dog for its work. A short session of this game can leave your dog tired and satisfied.

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Lifespan and Health of Isabella French Bulldogs: Frequent Health Concerns

So, just like all other French Bulldogs, Isabella French Bulldogs are predisposed to various health issues, including some significant predisposed health issues like:

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome: Common in flat-faced breeds, such as the French Bulldog, the condition involves episodes of breathing impairment, mostly during exercise or hot environmental conditions.
  • Hip Dysplasia: A genetic disorder that can cause mobility problems and pain in dogs.
  • Allergies: Isabella French Bulldogs could be allergic to skin itching and irritation, which may be depicted by the skin.
  • Ear infections: because the ears are not tight, this breed may easily be infected in the ear.
  • Color dilution alopecia: Though Isabella Frenchies are beautiful pigmented dogs, the gene responsible for dilution in hair coloration is also associated with color dilution alopecia and skin disorders.

What is the lifespan of the Isabella French Bulldog?

The average lifespan of Isabella French Bulldogs ranges from 10 to 12 years. It’s always to be reminded, as in any dog, that several factors such as genetics, diet, and the amount of exercise, along with their general health, could influence the dog’s life expectancy. Your Isabella French Bulldog should live a long and healthy life with proper care that includes regular veterinary check-ups.

Breeders of Isabella French Bulldogs and Where to Adopt One

The best place to get an Isabella French Bulldog would probably be from a reputed breeder. Researching the given breeder properly is essential since most are crooked. The following are some of the things to consider when choosing a breeder.

Health Testing:

It would help if you insisted on testing the genetic health of both parents. Ensure you ask the breeder to provide you with the results of an exhaustive health check for both puppy’s parents before buying a French Bulldog puppy so that you do not end up with unanticipated vet visits and subsequently broken hearts in the future.


The dog requires proper socialization with the household members in the common home environment. Socialization is extended to people, animals, and some life.

Adhering to the Breed Standards:

A serious breeder should conform to the standards set by that particular breed’s club or national organization.

Money is not of concern to a loving and concerned dog owner, but a dog owner concerned for the well-being of his dog will always have to foot a higher price for the rareness of the Isabella French Bulldogs.

French Bulldog Rescue Organizations and Shelters

Another road to take when adopting an Isabella French Bulldog would be a shelter or rescue organization. Isabella French Bulldogs are less likely to be found in shelters, but it would still be wise to check with area rescues to locate one.

There are even French Bulldog rescues that deal with Isabella French Bulldogs. Though such organizations have strict standards for adoption, they afford an incredible and rather ample opportunity to give a dog in need a good home. When finding an Isabella French Bulldog for adoption, the French Bulldog Rescue Network is the ideal place for anyone looking for help.

Bringing an Isabella French Bulldog home to a new place can be very rewarding to an individual. To tend to its health and care, one would advise checking up on the breeder or adoption organization with much consideration and research.


What is an Isabella Frenchie?

Isabella French Bulldog is quite an exclusive, unique color variety of the French Bulldog breed. This color variety is often referred to as “Isabella” or “Lilac,” emerging from the dilution of black pigmentation in the coat. Isabella Frenchies typically have light brown coats with a blue or lavender undertone and vibrant green or yellow eyes.

What is the cost of a French Bulldog puppy named Isabella?

Puppies from Isabella French Bulldogs can range from $5,000 to $15,000 or more. These unique dogs of color rarity and an intense demand in the market were set at quite a high price, even though they are not recognized under the official French Bulldog breed standard.

What distinguishes Isabella Lilac from a blue French Bulldog?

The major difference in Isabella Lilac and Blue Frenchies is the coat color. The Isabella Lilac Frenchies’ coat is light brown, producing a lavender or bluish cast, while a blue French Bulldog has a greyish-blue coat. However, it is not the normal color in the coat but rather a result of the dilution of the black pigmentation.

What are the indicators that a French Bulldog is Isabella?

The Isabella French Bulldog can be known through its coat and the color of the eyes. Light brown or fawn with a blue or lavender undertone, Isabella Frenchies generally have a chocolate brown or pink nose and bright green or yellow eyes. Not all are Isabella, but every light brown Fjson is Isabella. It is, therefore, always best to consult with a breeder or veterinarian, who can guide and give a professional opinion.

What is the cost of Isabella French Bulldogs?

Isabella French Bulldogs are expensive, ranging around $5,000 to $15,000 and above, because of their rareness and colorations.

What is the rarity of Isabella French Bulldogs?

Isabella French Bulldogs are rare dogs, since a recessive gene causes the coloration, and it is rare among the breed. Isabella French Bulldogs are often difficult to breed, with most puppies coming in high demand.

Are hypoallergenic Isabella Frenchies available?

Isabella’s French Bulldogs will not be hypoallergenic. Like every dog, they produce dander that might be the son of an allergic reaction or sensitivity.

Do Isabella French Bulldogs shed?

Yes, Isabella French Bulldogs do shed. They have short, silky fur and typically shed moderately throughout the year. Being some of the things that would lead to at least a minimum amount of shedding, getting their coat to be healthy would entail regular grooming and brushing.


The Isabella French Bulldog is an outstanding and peculiar breed, which came with time to such popularity and prettiness that their coat color is gorgeous blue-grey, and they have a charming character.

Therefore, Their coat’s colour is not something one could call drab, but it is good to appreciate that the Isabella French Bulldog also yields more than just aesthetic value. It simply states that they are loyal, intelligent, devoted companions that make excellent family pets.

That means doing your research and only going through a reputable breeder when getting an Isabella French Bulldog into your home. This will ascertain that the pup inducted into your home is healthy and balanced, growing into an adult with proper behaviors and happiness.

Great rules come with great responsibilities when owning a dog. An Isabella French Bulldog must be assured of veterinary care, apart from a dog’s daily exercise and proper nutrition. However, a properly taken care of and well-attended Isabella French Bulldog could bring years of happiness and companionship into your life.


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