What is a Group of Turkeys Called?

What is a Group of Turkeys Called? If you are a big lover of birds, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this majestic creature. It resembles a regal peacock. What is the common noun for a flock of turkeys? Simply put, a group of turkeys is referred to as a flock or gang of turkeys. A rafter is a technical term for a large group of turkeys. However, the term “rafter” refers to a group of domesticated turkeys in non-wild poultry. Other words such as brood of turkeys and dule of turkeys are also used infrequently.

Turkeys are primarily mass-produced in the United States. However, they were not indigenous to the United States of America. Turkey meat is tender and delectable. Individuals enjoy preparing their barbecues. They are social creatures with an active social life. They form groups to defend themselves against predators. Let us read the details of the common names for turkey groups.

Different Group of Turkey Names?

This depends on whether you are speaking about wild turkeys or turkeys raised for poultry breeding. Holding this in mind, there are a few general terms for a group of turkeys. Let us examine them one by one:


Individuals with limited knowledge frequently use the term gang to refer to the collection of this bird. Thus, you may notice that children and occasionally adults refer to them as a gang because when they band together, they resemble a group of gangsters due to their notoriety and lack of fear of humans. This word is frequently used to refer to numbers more significant than twenty.


The group of turkeys is referred to as a rafter. This is an educated term. It is frequently used by poultry and domestic breeders to represent a collection of turkeys. However, it cannot be used for a group of wild species. Poultry breeders widely use rafter in the United States, but many customers are unaware of its existence. This word originated in Greek and is translated as “sew together.” Although the world rafter is not novel, its use as a group of turkeys is somewhat unique. 


Have you noticed the flock of birds soaring through the sky? Yes, this is a widespread and ancient term used to refer to a group of birds traveling together. This term refers to nearly all groups of birds that fly or do not fly. Flock is not a term reserved for birds alone. It can also be used to collect people in a variety of situations. It has been used for centuries to refer to the large number of birds that live, eat, and fly together. Additionally, it can be used on mammals such as

  • Flock of sheep
  • Flock of goat

What Are the Incorrect Names of a Group of Turkeys?

Occasionally, this group is referred to incorrectly. The source of this misunderstanding is simply a lack of knowledge. There are two incorrect terms used to refer to a group of turkeys.

  • Gaggle
  • Gooble

The word “gaggle” refers to a group of geese, not turkeys. Geese frequently make gagging noises. They are a gaggle for this reason.

Gooble has no meaning, no history, and no connection to turkeys. Thus, both of these terms are incorrect ways to refer to a group of turkeys.

What is The Story Behind Why a Group of Turkey is Called Rafter?

When you hear the word rafter, the question immediately arises, “Where did this word come from?” What is the origin of this term? The term rafter is sufficiently unique in that it does not appear to describe an animal’s personality or sound. Until 1400, this word was not found in English dictionaries. However, little information is available about its genesis. It originated from a variety of sources. Initially, it was derived from the Greek word rhaptein, which means to stitch together.

Additionally, the Arabic word raff refers to a woven enclosure. It is also closely linked to the word roof, which means shelter. If you observe a group of wild turkeys, they appear to be trotting through the woods, searching for shelter. They seem to be alive woven, or stitched together in a disciplined manner from a distance. As a result, the turkey group is referred to as rafter.

What is a Group of Baby Turkeys Called?

What if a baby turkey is referred to as a baby bird? However, you may be curious about the correct term for a group of baby turkeys. Poults or chicks refer to the group of baby turkeys. Poultry breeders coined this term, and it is frequently misunderstood by consumers. Baby turkeys resemble chicks in appearance. They remain close to the mother bird due to their fragility and inability to defend themselves against predators.

Baby birds are referred to as poults by domesticated breeders. You may also use the term chick for wild and non-domesticated immature young ones. There is no fast and hard law for naming this animal group, and no one will hold you accountable if you make an error.

What is a Large Group of Turkeys Called?

Turkeys are highly social animals who thrive in groups. To ensure their safety, both wild and domestic turkeys prefer to live and fly in flocks. Occasionally, they will form a large group of 20-40 individuals. This occurs more frequently in domestic birds than in wild birds. The term “rafter” refers to large groups of turkeys. This term originates from the word raft, which translates as “a large collection of something.”

In his writings, James Lipton, a renowned bird lover, first used this term to refer to many turkeys. Breeders now frequently use it in the United States of America.

What Do You Call a Group of Turkeys?

It is totally dependent on your knowledge of turkeys. If you’re a bird enthusiast, you might refer to a group of turkeys as a gang or flock. If you are a knowledgeable person with a background in livestock and poultry, you should use a rafter. A flock is a straightforward term.

A gang is a colloquial term, while a rafter is a technical term. However, few collective nouns are rarely used to refer to a group of turkeys. All of these collective nouns are grammatically correct. However, some are extremely common, while others are infrequent. Consider the following collective nouns.

  • Brood of Turkeys
  • Dule of Turkeys
  • Raffle of Turkeys
  • Flock of Turkeys
  • Rafter of Turkeys

What Do You name a Bunch of Turkeys?

Put, a flock or gang of turkeys is a flock or gang. Turkeys are highly active birds with aggressive demeanor. They travel in groups for the search of food, while females follow young birds. They always appear to form a group or a bunch. If you are unfamiliar with turkeys, you may refer to them as a bunch of turkeys or a flock of turkeys. Children may even refer to them as chicks or turkey groups. 

What Do You name a Flock of Turkeys?

A flock of turkeys is called a flock of turkeys. You could also say a gang of turkeys with a slight twist of language. Flocks can be applied to a broader range of animals and birds. For instance, you may have heard a flock of pigeons or a flock of sheep. For wild turkey flocks, you may only use flock and gang. You may need to use the term rafter when referring to domestic birds. If you want to hunt turkey and eat meat, this book will help you become a successful hunter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a group of turkeys named gaggle?

No, a gaggle of turkeys is never used to refer to a group of turkeys. Only the gaggle of geese is referred to as a gaggle. In any case, this is a misconception.

How many turkeys are in a rafter?

Following that, you may encounter as few as two turkeys or as many as forty turkeys. It is dependent on the number of birds in the poultry farm cage at the time.

Why is it called a turkey rafter?

The term rafter is derived from the Greek word raft, which translates as “many in number.” As a rafter, James Lipton’s first named group of turkeys.

What is a group of ravens called?

Ravens is the symbolic crow’s name, whereas a group of ravens is associated with unkindness and conspiracy because ravens have historically been associated with weird habits.

What is the incorrect term for a flock of turkeys?

Gooble and gaggles are incorrect terms to use when referring to a group of turkeys. Gaggle is a colloquial term for a group of geese, not turkeys. Likewise, gooble is an incorrect term that has nothing to do with turkeys.

What is the Maximum Number of Turkeys in a Rafter?

However, what does it take to create a genuine rafter? How many turkeys must you count to shout, “Hey guys!” It’s a turkey rafter!” When you look at a group or rafter of turkeys, two or more will be present. And, of course, shout it out!

Where do Turkeys Sleep?

If turkeys are available, they can be found in the rafters. However, wild turkeys are most often found roosting in trees at night. They can fly up into the trees for protection as the sun sets and then descend as the sun rises. They can be found on the ground during the day, scratching and foraging for food. 

Top Five Fun Facts About Turkeys

  1. Turkeys have color vision and excellent daytime vision.
  2. Gobble of a turkey can be heard from a mile away! This is the mode of communication between the Tom, or male turkey, and the rafter.
  3. Tom’s face is covered in fleshy wattles, while a turkey’s head is not covered in feathers. When they are excited, their entire head, wattles, and snood can change color to match their mood. It can change color to blue, white, pink, or bright red!
  4. Within 24 hours of hatching, baby turkeys, or poults, are accompanied by their mother. They quickly dry off, fluff up, and leave the nest, heading out foraging.
  5. June is National Turkey Lovers Month; the average person consumes 18 pounds of turkey per year, and Thanksgiving consumes more turkeys than Christmas and Easter combined. 

Therefore, brace yourself! Consider looking out your car window and preparing to shout, “Rafter!” That is a rafter! And as people stop talking and give you strange looks resulting from your loud outburst, you can describe why a group of turkeys is called a rafter. 


What is a group of turkeys called is a fascinating and informative article for bird lovers? It encompasses nearly every possible moniker for a turkey collection.

After reading this, you’ll notice that the terms flock and gang are frequently used to refer to wild groups, whereas rafter is the modern term for a group of domesticated turkeys used in poultry. All of this information is genuine and derived from primary sources. If you find it useful, please forward it to your friends. Also see Why Can’t Chickens Fly?