Do sheep have horns?

Do sheep have horns? While some sheep do have horns, not all do. Both Bighorn and Thinhorn sheep, as well as some Ewe sheep, have horns! Horn size varies according to the sheep’s gender, species, age, and environment. It’s mind-boggling to consider. Generally, when mammals such as sheep have horns, they are either male or … Read more

What is a Baby Sheep Called?

What is a Baby Sheep Called? Although the term “lamb” is the most frequently used term for a baby sheep, the term “lamb” can accurately refer to any sheep less than a year old. Lamb is also used to refer to the meat of any sheep younger than a year old, which can be confusing … Read more

Can horses swim?

Can horses swim? Yes, horses can swim. Indeed, they are excellent swimmers, owing to their enormous lungs, which enable them to float naturally. When horses encounter deep water, they instinctively swim and readily perform a paddle-like action, which is not dissimilar to trotting. Natural ability is necessary for a horse’s survival. Horses are born with … Read more

Joint supplements of equines

Why Joint supplements of equines are important? A lame horse is of no use. Most of the horses get retired early if they face joint issues. Among joint issues, Osteoarthritis is a complex sequence of events leading to the degradation of articular cartilage and is the most common cause of lameness in horses. There is … Read more

Why do Rabbits Chatter their Teeth?

Why do Rabbits Chatter their Teeth? Rabbits can be difficult to read, but understanding their body language can reveal a great deal about their emotions. Purring or teeth chattering are ways that rabbits express their emotions involuntarily. Even purring, however, can have a wide variety of different connotations. When rabbits are happy, comfortable, or content, … Read more

Mineral Deficiencies in Cattle

Mineral deficiencies in cattle may cause severe health problems even, in some situations, mortality. When cattle can’t have the minerals they need through their manure or food, they’ll need supplements. If you operate a livestock company, you understand how important it is to provide your cattle with proper feed as they had to stay healthy. … Read more

Why do Sheep have Large Olfactory Bulb?

Before discussing why do sheep have a large olfactory bulb in sheep, we knew that what is meant by the olfactory bulb? The olfactory bulb is often a neuronal system with the vertebrate forebrain, which is active in olfaction (stench). It transfers olfactory detail to an amygdala, orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), or hippocampus for more storage, … Read more