Can Cats Be Gay? [2023] | What You Need To Know!

These days, people want to understand their pets on a deeper level. So understanding your cat’s characteristics, like its sexuality, might be more complicated than it sounds. With the gradual shift toward greater acceptance of human sexual diversity, it’s no wonder people are asking whether feline sexuality is more complex than we thought. So, can … Read more

Can cats eat watermelon?

Can cats eat watermelon? As pet owners, we are well aware that our cats are extremely picky eaters. A typical indoor cat spends the majority of its time sleeping. However, they maintain their regular diet. Additionally, some cats enjoy experimenting with new foods provided by their owner. That means that some cats will attempt to … Read more

Warning signs when introducing cats

Warning signs when introducing cats? Because cats are highly territorial and solitary creatures, your feline companion may take offense if you introduce other cats into its territory. As a cat owner, it can be challenging to introduce a new cat to your resident cat. At first, the two cats may not get along, and it … Read more

Do cats remember people?

Do cats remember people? When you have to give a cat away, it’s always difficult to let go of that bond. While it is true that cats do not understand the concept of having an owner, indeed, they remember all the good times? Despite this, they are extremely capable of bonding with and appreciating their … Read more

Do Male Cats Have Nipples?

Do Male Cats Have Nipples? This might be an absurd question which you could have been avoiding if you do not have a male cat in your house. But when some child asks this question you might find yourself in shallow water.  Male cat owners know the answer to the question do male cats have … Read more

When do cats stop growing?

When do cats stop growing? The short answer is that each cat’s growth is unique and may take between one and four years. However, there are indicators that you can use to estimate the size of your cat and the time it will take to reach that size. They are not foolproof, as numerous factors … Read more

How long can cats go without food?

How long can cats go without food? Cats are resilient creatures, and we frequently hear of cats that were believed to be lost returning home after days, if not weeks, of apparently surviving on their own. Alternatively, some cats may abruptly refuse to eat their regular pet food, refusing to eat it whenever you place … Read more

Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

Most of us are well aware that eating a bar of chocolate can result in poisoning in almost 90% of canine companions. But you might wonder if this is the same for cats? Can cats eat chocolate? Do small amounts of chocolate also become toxic for cats? What is the reason that makes chocolate toxic … Read more