Best Dog Breeds for your Kids

Scientifically, having a dog with your growing kid improves your kid’s psychological and physical development. Along with being the best playmates, dogs can teach your kids responsibility, compassion, and cooperation. Before you go to a dog adoption, it’s a good idea to have a little research about the best breeds for your child. Some breeds are good for older kids, while others are for younger children at home. Different breeds have different temperaments, so it’s good to have a search for best breeds before going for pet adoption. Before bringing your pup home, make sure you have all the items on puppy checklist. Here are few best dog breeds for your kids :

1. Bichon Frise:

Bichon Frise can be best dog breeds for your kids. These cute low-shedding fur pups are the friendliest dogs on the planet and the best breeds for families. They are fantastic playmates for your energetic children. They provide you to give your child lots of walks. These pups are loyal, best with consistent training and moderate activity.

2. Cocker Spaniel dog for kids:

These pups are smart, genuine and loves being around children. Spaniels tend to put themselves in the middle of action. These are the perfect pups to fit the special needs and anxious mood of the child. If you adopt a spaniel, keep them well groomed and clean, because of the floppy ears, they are more prone to ear infections.

3. Poodle:

Poodles are one of the best dogs for children with allergic problems. If your kid is prone to allergy, poodles seem to come close and appear to have less allergens. Poodles come in different sizes, i.e., toy, miniature and standard, with abundance of colours. These are smart and easy to train, adapt well in a new environment and are kids friendly.

4. Labradoodle breeds dog for kids :

Labradoodles are mix of poodles and Labrador retrievers. These are as adorable as their name. These could be trained as a guide for visually impaired people as they are even-keeled and empathetic. These need more exercise and tend to get along with other breeds.

5. Pug:

This pup has the major cuddle factor. These pups are bred to be lap dogs and are adored being around people. Their cute smiling face and cozy tendency make them popular among kids. Pugs are clever, quiet and make great family dogs.

6. Havanese:

These cute pubs are the national dog of Cuba. These tiny charmers are adored by people of all ages. They are very social and outgoing. They’re not only great for rough play, but one of the best pups for people looking for an outgoing friend for their child.

7. Shetland sheep dog for kids:

These pubs are calm, gentle and tolerant. This breed does well with children of all ages. These pubs enjoy human company and are playful, well-behaved with children. Active children overwhelm this breed so keep a watchful eye on their interaction to make sure they get along well.

8. German Shepherd:

If well-trained, this breed is extremely loyal and protective. This breed has a playful side, especially when they are young. These are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and can be trained to do almost anything.

9. Cairn Terrier:

They seem to have a natural affinity for kids. This breed is so gentle towards children and can tolerate about anything still being gentle. Many other breeds usually can’t handle the roughhousing children, but the cairn terrier seems to love them.

10. Beagle:

These are small, cute, friendly and clever pubs, making them very suitable for kids. They respond well to trainings. They enjoy being around people and are loyal, as well as easy to bond with children. These are not best for infants and toddlers that wake up easily from barking sounds as these pubs are vocal breeds.

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