Australian Shepherd Breeders in New South Wales (NSW)

Are you in search of an affectionate and devoted companion that perfectly suits your active way of life? Your quest ends here with the Australian Shepherd! This intelligent breed is incredibly adaptable and excels at various tasks, making them highly sought after as working and companion animals. If you’re in New South Wales and looking for a trustworthy Australian Shepherd breeder, look no further. We’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the breed and present a list of the finest Australian Shepherd breeders in New South Wales.


Our initial encounter with this breed occurred during the Melbourne Royal event 1998, following our earlier discovery of them on the internet that same year. The first Australian Shepherd we acquired was from a litter born in December of that year, between these two significant events. Soon after, my partner Ben and I embarked on the journey of marriage.

Subsequently, we obtained property in the Hunter Valley region, located north of Sydney, NSW, Australia, near Newcastle. Over the years, we carefully introduced a selection of both imported and locally bred Australian Shepherds into our pack.

Our breeding dogs undergo thorough screening for hip dysplasia and eye disorders by certified and specialized veterinarians in their respective fields before engaging in any breeding activities. As new examinations become available, we ensure their administration as well. Breeders employ physical and genetic assessments to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the canines used for breeding. Our female dogs give birth within our home, and our puppies receive daily exposure to human interaction.

Decisions regarding the future owners of our puppies are only made after they reach eight weeks of age. This is because puppies undergo significant changes from birth, and it is only around the eight-week mark that one can begin to gauge the potential of an adult dog. Factors such as temperament, physique, gait, dental structure, and genitalia (in males) play crucial roles in determining whether a puppy possesses the potential to become a show dog or a breeding animal. The color and sex of the puppy have minimal influence on this decision-making process.

Each puppy is carefully matched with a prospective owner, considering various aspects. Our primary focus is ensuring the puppy’s compatibility with the future owner’s family and interests. Detailed information packets for each puppy can be found on the litter page, providing comprehensive insights. We are always available to address any questions throughout the pet’s life.

Name of Owner: Ben & Amanda Helps
Hunter Valley, NSW


Sarbinma Australian Shepherds is a registered breeder with dogs in NSW in Newcastle. As a small kennel, they occasionally breed Australian Shepherds for pet, show, and performance homes. These dogs are not treated as mere pets; they are regarded as cherished family members and receive abundant love and care in a home environment rather than a kennel. The dogs undergo training and participate in various activities, including obedience, rally obedience, herding, flyball, agility, and show conformation. They have achieved numerous titles and are expected to earn many more.

The dogs possess a natural talent and take great pleasure in their work, which explains their exceptional performance in various domains. Should you have any inquiries or seek information about the breed, current or planned litters, the breeder welcomes all communication via email or phone. Sarbinma is a member of the “Australian Shepherd Association of NSW inc” and ANKC “Dogs New South Wales” as a registered breeder.

Name of Owner: Margaret Grahame
Newcastle, NSW
Facebook Page:
Sarbinma Facebook Page

Maisilva Australian Shepherds

Mithrandir Alaskan Malamutes, established in 1992 with Aust Ch Diomede Mai Laiki CD WPD, has been a long-standing venture involved in dog training. My passion for dog training originated during my childhood when I read my first book on canine behavior by Konrad Lorenz in 1981. Since then, I have dedicated many years to training and caring for Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and various other breeds. Recently, my love for Australian Shepherds has grown immensely.

I have traveled extensively, visiting different parts of the world, such as Canada, the USA, Europe, and New Zealand, forging lasting friendships with fellow dog enthusiasts who share my passion. Moreover, I have undergone formal training in obedience, conformation, and scent detection, acquiring qualifications in these fields.

While my business name has transitioned to Mistari to reflect my training and art business, my dedication to my dogs and their well-being remains unwavering. Although I now focus less on breeding, I am committed to training and working with dogs across various domains, including television. My kennel prefix is Maisilva for Australian Shepherds, and I collaborate closely with esteemed breeders worldwide to maintain a robust and well-established breeding program.

Name of Owner: D Puttock
Bungendore, NSW
Maisilva Australian Shepherds

Short History of the Australian Shepherd Breed

Contrary to its name, the Australian Shepherd breed traces its origins back to the western United States in the late 19th century. Initially bred for their herding and livestock-guarding abilities, these dogs swiftly gained popularity due to their exceptional intelligence and versatility. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1991, and since then, Australian Shepherds have become cherished companion animals worldwide.

Tips When Choosing an Australian Shepherd Breeder

When selecting an Australian Shepherd breeder, conducting thorough research and ensuring you collaborate with a reputable and responsible breeder is crucial. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

  • Seek out a breeder registered with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) or another esteemed breed organization.
  • Request health certificates for the puppy’s parents to verify they have undergone screenings for common health issues.
  • Please visit the breeder’s facility and inspect the living conditions of both the puppies and their parents.
  • Please inquire about the breeder’s breeding practices and philosophy, ensuring they align with your values and preferences.
  • Look for a breeder willing to address your queries and provide ongoing support and guidance.

How Much Does an Australian Shepherd Cost?

The price of an Australian Shepherd can vary depending on several factors, including the breeder, the puppy’s pedigree and bloodlines, as well as its age and gender. On average, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,500 for an Australian Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder.

Do Australian Shepherds Make Good Pets?

Absolutely! Australian Shepherds are renowned for their intelligence, loyalty, and high energy levels, which makes them an ideal choice for active individuals and families. They thrive on both physical and mental stimulation and excel in various activities such as herding, agility, obedience, and more. However, it’s essential to remember that Australian Shepherds require ample exercise and mental engagement to ensure their happiness and well-being.


An Australian Shepherd might be the perfect choice if you’re searching for a devoted and affectionate companion that aligns with your active lifestyle. However, conducting thorough research and collaborating with a reputable breeder is essential to ensure that you bring home a healthy and happy puppy. With some effort and dedication, you will be rewarded with a lifelong companion who will bring joy to your life for years.

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