6 Top causes of dog death and ways to prevent it

It’s really painful to lose a loving pet for the pet parents, but it’s even more difficult to cope with it if the dog death is unexpected. Fortunately, few cases can be prevented that causes sudden death of your pup. For a safer side, take your dog for regular check-ups i.e., once a year for young dogs while twice a year for the dogs in middle age. Here are the six most common causes of sudden dog death with the ways to protect your pet:

Dog Death due to Poisoning

There are many ways a dog could be poisoned. Plants, pills, food, chemicals, etc. are all deadly threats. In 2016, ASPCA animal poison control centre alone dealt with 180,000 cases of pet poisoning. Most common things responsible are certain foods like chocolate, onions, garlic or the other items containing Xylitol as a sweetener. Animals show signs before dying that indicates the type of poison they ingested. Rat poisons cause seizures affecting the central nervous system and May causes your pup to look pale, weak and causes difficulty breathing. Snake bites are also causes of sudden dog death in rural areas as the venom carries a large number of toxins. If you suspect that your pup has been bitten, it’s vital to go for veterinary ER.


While on walk pay attention to what your pet is doing in order to ensure that they don’t eat something toxic. Immediately contact the pet poison helpline if your dog eats something dangerous.


Heartworms are transmitted by mosquito bites and are really dangerous for your dog. Mostly, the dog develops symptoms like coughing, difficult breathing, weight loss and potbellied appearance but some may die suddenly. Heartworms lead to caval syndrome, which is life threatening and causes heart failure and blocks the blood flow. In response to the blockage, respiratory system collapse and different signs appear like pink gums and a change in breathing pattern.


Thankfully, you can protect your pup from heartworms. Speak to your vet about the best prescription to avoid heartworms for your pup.

Dog Death Heart problems:

There are a number of heart problems that causes a dog’s death. One of the problems is cardiomyopathy, in which the heart’s ability to pump blood is compromised. Your dog might experience a condition known as cardiac tamponade without any previous symptoms. This occurs when fluid collects in the sac that surrounds the heart and blocks the expanding and contracting of the heart. Irregular heart rhythms are a common  cause of sudden death in pets.


Heart diseases are not curable, but once diagnosed; you can manage with diet and medication. Your vet can suggest the tests according to the dog breed. A wide range of heart issues can be assorted by such checkups and helps to treat the problem.


Drowning is often deadly for your pup. Pools, lakes, rivers and creeks are dangerous and your pup may drown in such heavy flow of water. Physiologic responses differ depending upon the quality of water. Severe complications can result when the aspirated water is contaminated with particles or bacteria. Several pulmonary infections may develop in dogs.


Prevent drowning of your pup by watching whenever they are near the water, put a fence around, watch the signs of fatigue and take them out of the water if they appear tired. Putting a life vest on your pup is a good idea.

Dog Death due to Weather:

Extreme weather both hot and cold can cause the death of your pup. Do not leave your pup alone in a room, car, garage or outside if it’s too hot or too cold out there. Pups can’t withstand the drastic environmental changes and these changes can lead to pup’s death.


In warm weather, watch the signs of heat exhaustion and make sure your pup have plenty of water. In cold weather, put a sweater or coat on short hair breeds while taking them out.

Dog Death by Jumping from heights:

Dogs are like kids, you need to watch them when they are near the window or are on the top story. Your dog may fall accidentally or may jump to chase any other animal. Jumps can also be the result of anxiety (if they are home alone), fear or due to separation.


Always keep an eye on your dog’s activity. Don’t leave them alone at home, if you do, make sure that the window and heights are inaccessible. Watch your deck, add extra bars if they are wide enough that your dog can fit through, and put up lattice to prevent him from squeezing through.

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