6 Signs your Dog needs more Time with You

Dogs are the most loyal and true partners. Dogs have their own preferences and personalities just like humans regarding their routines, foods, toys, and lifestyle. They are so faithful to their owners that they even put aside their own needs when they feel that their owner is stressed. They take the tension onto themselves. When the stresses of life hit you, the family dog is one that suffers a lot. Here are the six signs your dog isn’t getting much attention and needs more time with you:

1. Your dog starts misbehaving:

When you don’t give enough attention to your dog, your bored dog might occupy themselves chewing furniture, digging in waste baskets or starts barking without reason. Sometimes in emotional stress and depression, they urinate and defecate in the house. If your dog starts showing such signs of bad behaviours, they likely to need your attention. Seek a veterinary help to rule out any underlying medical condition.

2. Your dog sleeps more than usual tell that your dog needs more time with you:

The sleeping duration of dogs is more than humans to keep them healthy and active, but if suddenly your pup prefers taking nap over activities he used to love, you need to address this issue immediately.  If your pup spends most of the day sleeping, that might mean your dog needs attention. Lack of physical and psychological activity leads to anxiety, depression and destructive behaviour, so take this issue seriously. Try to set day for a long walk or vigorous play session, set aside a time of day for special training session to boost the energy and strengthen the bond.

3. Weight Gain a sign your dog needs more time with you:

If your dog is overweight, it’s like you caused it. Some people think that extra treats for their dog can make up for neglecting their dog’s mental and physical state. One should take the calorie count of their dog under consideration and should spend time to make sure that their pup is getting the nutrition they need. If you tempt to shower the pup with treats full of calories to compensate your busy schedule, try to pat them with your few minutes attention, they will eat that. Food is definitely not a substitute for love and attention.

4. Your dog shows signs of depression:

If you’re addicted to your busy schedule and spend less time with your pup, your pup might develop the symptoms of depression. The symptoms include less interest in food or play time, misbehavior, destructive behavior, having household accidents and greeting less to welcome you on your arrival. If your dog shows such symptoms, it’s time to spend some device-free quality time with them to brighten their spirits.

5. Your dog show less interest to eat:

A sudden change in your pup’s appetite is a red flag that no pet owner should ignore.  Dogs that stop eating might be exhibiting emotional distress. If the medical reason for the loss of appetite is not detected, it may indicate that your pup is feeling anxiety issues. Depression leads to reduced appetite and are signs that your dog is looking for your attention. Providing a play time as a reward for eating consistently is a great motivator.

6. Overgrown nails:

If your dog has over-grown nails, the paws look more like claws. It’s the sign that you’re not fulfilling your pet parenting rules. Trimming the nails of your pup should be a part of the healthy grooming routine. Pups with proper walk routine have nails that file naturally, if they are overgrown that means you’re not spending enough time with them to fulfil their physical demands to keep them healthy. It’s definitely the time to take out your pup with you and spend quality time with him. See also Taking Care for Your Dog Health

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