6 Reasons your Dog is Disobeying You

Dogs may be excitable, difficult to control or hard to train. Many excitable and rowdy behaviours in your pups diminish with time and proper training. The excitable, unruly or disobedient dog would be one that after sufficient training still does not respond to commands. Often people can’t figure out why their dog is disobeying to them. Trust from another species is hard to earn. Here are the six main reasons your dog  disobeys you:

1. Dog is Disobeying because Your treats are lame:

You often provide stuff like vegetables, bland biscuits, odd rawhide sticks or regular dog food as a reward for your dog. These are good for hungry dogs, however, many of these won’t motivate your dog as they took so much time to chew them. In such a  long time span, he forgets what he did to earn the reward. Always choose treats that are small, soft and chewy and highly valuable for your dog. Try to figure out the best reward for your dog, e.g. if he is not motivated by food, try the dog toys, or reward him with the game of fetch.

2. Expectations without investment:

 You must invest in the relationship with your pup like you would invest in any of your other relationships. Dogs often shred thing because it’s fun for them to watch the stuff and dirt to fly. They often urinate and defecate in the house because they don’t understand why you don’t want them to soil the house. In order to live in peace, you must provide them with structure, mental stimulation and environment.

3. Dog is Disobeying because You can’t make time for him:

Time is important to develop bond in a relationship. Without spending time with your dog, you just can’t build the bond with him. If the bond doesn’t develops, he will not obey you. Without spending time he won’t care about your feelings and decisions. He needs to be more important than your social media, sports and other activities, and if you fail to do so, the lack of bonding will definitely lead to disobedience.

4. You lose your temper quickly:

Abuse shuts your dog down completely and prevents them from performing the simplest task. Dogs which are abused on a regular basis get obstinate and refuse to reply. Losing your temper will not provide you with happy and willing obedience partner. Negative reinforcement puts the strain on your relationship with your dog. Negative reinforcement activates the baser instincts like the survival mode. When your dog becomes defensive, they try to find out ways to avoid punishment. They react rather than act and lash out to harm you.

5. Your dog might forgets his training:

It is possible that your disobedient pup has forgotten what he was taught. The reason behind this is, the training was not practiced often enough or for a longer period of time to become an automatic response. It happens when you don’t spend much time on training. To deal with such situation, you need to arrange short training sessions on a regular basis.

6. Your puppy is over-excited so:

Another possibility for the disobeying behaviour is that you’re trying to train your pup when he is overexcited and can’t respond to the things around him. This is over the threshold and is the most common problem when you tries to train a pup of between six to twelve months. This issue needs to be tackled because no matter how much time and energy you put into your dog, you just cannot train him under the threshold. To address this issue, you need to visit a vet or animal behaviourist. See also Best Dog Breeds for your Kids

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