10 things to know before getting a dog

Hey! Are you excited about getting a new puppy at home? Have you dreamt of all fun and games you will have by getting one? If yes, think for a while, are you completely ready to take this responsibility? Though dogs are great pets and are hugely rewarding, you should be aware of 10 things of immense importance for dog keeping before getting a dog.

Getting a dog is for life

The first thing you must realize is that it is a matter of lifelong commitment. Animals also have emotions, and they develop a strong bond with you and the family with time. If you think you can disown the dog after some time, that is not going to happen. Any change in a dog’s owner can prove to be emotionally traumatic for him, so you have to own the responsibility. You need to provide all the necessities of food, shelter, water, medical, and above all, your love and attention to your pet.

Get some accessories in advance

Before you bring the new furry friend home, make sure to arrange all the necessary supplies beforehand, such as a dog collar suitable for your dog, supply of healthy food and treats, food and water bowls, and play toys. Don’t forget to bring a comfortable bed and toys for the dog to make it all fun for him.

Vet for your dog

Finding a good veterinarian is a must. You may need to visit the veterinarian for regular check-up and grooming purposes frequently, so search for a competitive doctor for your pet for its better health.

Train your pet after getting a dog

If you are bringing a new puppy at your place, he will need a lot of training. With an untrained dog, there may be toilet incidents on your carpet, bed, or rug, or you may find teeth marks on your favorite shoe pair. To overcome such bad habits and make your pup a civilized one, you need to train the dog. For this purpose, we have specially designed subscription boxes, which can be customized according to your dog’s breed, age, size, and temperament. By choosing these subscription boxes, you can make the dog learn different commands to obey your order and making your life easy with pet keeping.

Socialize with people and other dogs

To make your puppy a happy, stable, and confident animal, expose him to the outside world, make him socialize with other dogs and people, and as early in life as possible. Continue this practice for years. Socialization will help make the dog less aggressive towards other dogs and people in the surroundings.

Puppy proof your home

By having a dog, there will be lifelong changes in your home, and to keep both of your furniture and puppy safe, you need to puppy-proof your home. It would be best if you secure him from hanging cords, vertical blinds, or toxic food. Keep all of these tied away from the reach of your dog to avoid any accidents. Training the dogs not to jump on furniture or using a cover or throw is a good idea.

Diet and toys

It will be fun to provide the dogs with a chance to captivate in conditioning by providing him with toys and treats. Involving your pet in these activities will keep him physically active and maintain his vigor.

Time and availability for a puppy

Your dog is an emotional being when it comes to the bond between him and the owner. It would help if you get the time out from your busy schedule for cuddling and playing with your dog; because it is vital for your dog’s emotional well-being and meeting his mental health needs. If it is not given proper time and attention, he may get stressed out.

It can be expensive

Dog keeping can be expensive as you have to make sure to supply an excellent lifestyle to your dog, providing him with the best food, shelter, bedding, and other accessories for many years. In addition to the usual expenses of food and accessories, dogs need to go to the veterinarian for routine check-ups, and an additional expense of grooming is a routine. It can be heavy on the pocket. So have a check on your financial status before heading to get a furry friend for you.

Everybody in the family should be ready for a new pup

Ensure everyone in your home is ready for a new entry, and no one is scared of a dog. This will help maintain a lovely bond with the pet. If you have kids at home, select a breed suitable for them to avoid any accidents of getting hurt from the dog. See also Best Dog Breeds for your Kids

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